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At 7 a.m. the world is still OK. Having just woken up, you grab a fresh shirt out of the dryer, unload the dishwasher and in the mean time turn your coffee machine on and boil some water for tea for your partner in the electric kettle. Before heading to the bathroom, where you will blow dry your hair after taking a shower, you quickly program the steam cooker for a healthy evening meal. On the way to work in your car, you enjoy the seat heater, and do your part to protect the environment thanks to SCR technology. In your office you are glad to see the coffee pad machine, which provides quick and uncomplicated coffee delicacies of the widest variety.

Life is comfortable - and filled with innovations from Eichenauer. Anyone who starts their day as just described has potentially already made use of nine devices that operate using technology from the family business.


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Please note: Eichenauer Inc. will be closed from December 20 through January 3 for our regularly scheduled winter shutdown and inventory. Please plan your orders accordingly.